Which Tummy Tuck is Best for You?

If you have

This is what you need

  • Just a little extra skin and fat
  • Good abdominal muscles
  • Good skin elasticity
  • Muscle laxity just below the navel
The mini tummy tuck will remove that little extra skin and fat. The scar can be placed low (just above the pubic hair) so it can be invisible in all but the briefest of panties. It can also tighten the muscles just below your navel.
  • Very loose skin and fat
  • Skin laxity above the navel
  • Muscle laxity either above or below the navel
The formal abdominoplasty will answer all your needs. Almost all problems can be answered with this approach. All muscles can be exposed and tightened, both above and below the navel. It can be extended around the waist to lift the skin of the outer thighs or waist.
  • Loose skin in the abdomen and waistline
  • Loose skin in the outer thighs
  • History of massive weight loss or
    bariatric surgery
The extended abdominoplasty includes the abdomen and waistline. It can be continued all the way around the waist and even to the back to lift the buttocks.

Your choices can also depend on

  • What kind of clothes will you wear?
Bikinis, thongs, and low midriff pants may show the scars from the formal or extended abdominoplasty.
  • What kind of overall health are you in?
The larger operations require that you be in good cardiovascular condition to handle long anesthesia times possible transfusions and large amounts of fluids.
  • Do you have intra-abdominal fat?
Fat that is inside the abdomen can not be safely altered surgically. Only the fat is immediately deep to the skin and ouside the abdominal cavity can be removed by liiposuction or tummy tuck. Only a weight loss regimen can remedy this.

Mommy makeover.

Just because you've had children doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the way you look. Women who are unhappy with their post pregnancy body can choose a combination of procedures including: Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, and Breast Surgery to help restore and improve their figure as well as their self-image.