Frequently Asked Questions

What about scars?

Scarring varies from person to person, based on the general health of their skin, elasticity, and pigmentation. A general guide is to say that the scar will look no worse than their worst stretch mark. Pigmentation changes tend to definitely go away, but it may take as long as a 1½ years.


4 Months after Mini Tummy Tuck

example 1

This patient was 4 months postop from a mini tummy tuck and medial thigh lift. Her scars were thick, pigmented, and unsightly. She scheduled for an extended tummy tuck and lateral thigh lift. Her pictures below, were taken 4 years later. Her scars are almost invisible.

4 Years after Extended Tummy Tuck and Buttock Lift


This lady was in excellent health except for redundant skin after weight loss. She had an extended tummy tuck plus medial and lateral thigh lifts.

4 Months after Mini Tummy Tuck

The patient below had a tummy tuck 8 years ago and her scar is almost invisible.


How is it done?

In all tummy tucks, extra skin is removed from the lower abdomen (below the navel). The formal abdominoplasty removes skin from below and above the navel. The extended tummy tuck removes skin from around the waistline. In all cases, an incision is made near the lowest part of the abdomen (near the pubic hair ) and the skin is undermined and lifted up away from the muscles of the abdomen. In the mini tummy tuck the skin is only lifted to the level of the navel. Some undermining may be done around the navel, but the navel is usually not detached from the muscle wall of the abdomen. The skin is stretched downward and the extra skin is trimmed away. As much skin is removed as is safely possible and the wounds closed with several layers of stitches. If the formal abdominoplasty or the extended tummy tuck is chosen the skin resection is extended above the navel. The navel is kept in place and the surrounding skin is removed from around it. Once the skin is redraped, a new hole is made and the navel is pulled through and sewn to the skin.

Extra skin can be removed from all the way around the waist if necessary. Extra skin is then removed to help lift the lateral thighs and buttocks.

After removal of the extra skin the abdominal muscles are examined. If they have become weakened or separated due to pregnancy or previous weight gain, they can be repaired in the midline by tightening the muscles with stitches.

Usually a drain is placed beneath the skin to collect any free fluid that collects under the skin after the wounds have been closed. The drain exits from beneath the skin through a small hole in the waistline and is attached to a suction bulb. This bulb usually stays in place for about 2 weeks, but can require longer before the wounds are healed enough so that extra fluid is not being produced.

What are the costs of surgery?

The total costs for abdominoplasty range from about $5200 for a mini- tummy tuck, to approximately $10000 for a complete circumferential body lift at the waistline.

What are the Risks of Tummy tucks?

Click here for safety information (this safety sheet is in Microsoft Word format)

What happens when I get an appointment to see the Doctor?

There is a charge of $35 for the first appointment, which takes 30-40 minutes. Dr. Coleman will have you fill out a questionnaire that addresses issues such as your weight stability, whether or not you are on a diet, your general health, your goals for the surgery, and your priorities for results from surgery. A brief history of previous surgery, bleeding disorders, hypertension, and other medical problems is also requested. Probably the most important assessments is that of elasticity and condition of your abdominal skin. The presence of intra-abdominal fat is also addressed. Are your abdominal muscles in good shape? Do you have stretch marks? What kind of clothes do you like to wear? Do you have the goal of wearing a 2-piece bathing suit? Have you had children?

All of these factors have an important role in helping to make the surgical decisions that are most appropriate for your needs and desires.

Dr. Coleman will often want to draw some lines on your skin with a marker to outline that proposed incisions and the locations of anticipated incisions for your particular surgery. If bith you and he are satisfied with the information and decisions, ti will be up to you to decide when you want to have surgery.

Scheduling can usually take place within 3 to 5 weeks from your appointment. Deposits for surgery are not required, but we do request payment no later than 1 week prior to the scheduled surgery date.

You can return for as many appointments as you feel you need before surgery at no charge. Dr. Coleman's first priority is "the well informed patient:.


Mommy makeover.

Just because you've had children doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the way you look. Women who are unhappy with their post pregnancy body can choose a combination of procedures including: Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, and Breast Surgery to help restore and improve their figure as well as their self-image.